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Engineering & Maintenance
Bridge Replacement Projects
Bridge Replacements

Bridge projects are necessary to replace deteriorated structures, increase hydraulic capacity, and accommodate road widening projects. An average of one to two bridge replacement projects and multiple bridge repair/retrofit projects are scheduled each year. The large projects are handled by private contractors and the smaller projects are completed in-house by County crews.

Current Bridge Replacement Projects

Hampton Avenue Extention

Hampton Avenue Extension is a residential collector street. The County-maintained portion runs from SC 183 to Montgomery Avenue, a length of approximately 4500 feet. The scope of this project will be to design, permit and construct a 175’ long pedestrian bridge across the active Norfolk Southern railyard.

Click below to see the 30% design renderings chosen by the community.

SC 183 view
West Side view
Recently Completed Bridge Projects

Coach Hill Drive

Coach Hill Drive is a local residential road that runs from Rain tree Lane to Blacks Road, a length of 4,380 feet. There is an existing 13.3' wide by 8.4' high corrugated pipe arch culvert with less than one (1) foot of cover. The scope of work for this project will include design, hydrological analysis and permitting necessary to replace the existing structure. The structure must satisfy county floodplain ordinance requirements.

Project Location Map

Project Images