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Engineering & Maintenance
Services & Assistance
Services & Assistance

The Division offers certain services and assistance to the public. Some of the services we offer, and don't offer, are described below, along with a brief explanation of Ordinance 3571.

Ordinance 3571

The responsibilities, scope of services, and limitations of the Engineering and Maintenance Division are set forth in County Ordinance 2181. This code has been amended through the years to meet the changing needs of the County; the latest re-write was in 2001 and the finished draft is currently being reviewed by County Council.

The main sections of the ordinance include:

  • Work on the County Right of Way
  • Work on Private Property
  • Private Road Acceptance
  • Public Road Relinquishment
  • Emergency Work

The types of services and assistance available to the public are clearly defined in the ordinance. A few of the key services provided on the County Right of Way include:

  • Installation of Roadways, Gravel, & Asphalt Pavement
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Driveway Pipe Installation

A few of the key services provided off the County Right of Way consist of:

  • Drainage Assistance
  • Waste Soil
  • Cemetery and Emergency Access Drives

Eligibility requirements and procedures for roadway acceptance, roadway relinquishment and emergency work are also addressed in the code.

Work on the County R/W

Installation of Roadways, Gravel, & Asphalt Pavement:

Limited improvement of County Roads including clearing & grading (when necessary) and gravel installation is provided for new home construction or mobile homes, subject to various restrictions stated in the Code. Installation of new asphalt pavement on dirt and gravel roads owned by the County is provided subject to the rules of the Code.

Drainage Improvements:

Drainage improvements such as installing rip rap lining and piping roadside ditches are provided subject to the conditions and restrictions of the Code. Drainage improvements may be authorized to remedy structural, traffic safety, pedestrian safety, erosion, or flooding problems on a County road, but would not be authorized for purely aesthetic reasons.

Driveway Pipe Installation:

Installation of driveway pipes for residential lots is provided subject to various conditions of the code and the County's encroachment permit policy. The County will provide and install a maximum of 24' of driveway pipe per residence. This service is not available to commercial properties, or to developers creating multiple residential lots on a County road.

Work on Private Property

Drainage Assistance:

Drainage improvements on private property are provided subject to various conditions & restrictions listed in the code. The underlying principle of the assistance program is that all materials are paid for by the owner(s), while the County provides equipment and labor. Drainage assistance is administered at the Central Maintenance Facility with one crew only, so assistance is limited.

Waste Soil:

Waste or surplus soils from County maintenance activities may be provided to the public subject to various restrictions of the ordinance. In general, waste soil is provided only when it is more convenient or economical for crews to give it away rather than stockpile it, or if it is not needed for other County projects or maintenance activities.

Cemetery & Emergency Access Drives:

The County Engineer may authorize the use of County crews & equipment to scrape cemetery access drives and/or private drives to provide access in time of emergencies subject to the restrictions listed in the Ordinance.

Private Road Acceptance

Private Roads may be accepted into the County inventory for permanent maintenance, subject to the many rules of Ordinance 2181. If stated on the subdivision plat, private roads must be brought up to County standards before the County will accept them, and the cost for upgrading the road(s) is the responsibility of the owner(s). Inspections by County staff and geotechnical testing are required before, during, and after the upgrading process. For more information, call 467.7010.

Public Road Relinquishment

Rules for the relinquishment of County maintenance activities on public roads are listed in the department's "Policy and Procedures for County Road Maintenance Relinquishment". For more information, call 467.7010.

Emergency Work

According to the Code, the County Engineer may authorize the use of County labor, equipment, and materials for emergency situations on County roads. The Assistant County Administrator for Public Works may authorize the use of County labor, equipment, and materials to aid other governmental agencies in major emergencies or declared disasters.

Please call the Engineering Office or appropriate Maintenance Facility for additional information on the above.