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Mosquito Hotline: 467-5988
Greenville County residents are welcome to call the "Mosquito Hotline" at 467-5988 for tips on mosquito prevention and to set up a potential service call. Note: service does NOT include privately owned bodies of water or HOA ponds or retention areas. For details of what is offered call the number or click here.
Pavilion Ice Rink Open
"It’s the best ice you could ever want to skate on…" The new, state-of-the-art sheet of ice is now open at the Pavilion. The ice rink is available for open skate, skating lessons, hockey, curling and more. For information on how to 'play' at the Pavilion visit http://greenvillerec.com/
Also, for more information on this news story: WYFF Video Story
Poinsett District
Local company GreenCo will build a 130,000-square-foot flagship distribution center in the Poinsett District. "It’s a validation of the area as a potential location for commercial and even industrial kinds of activities…"
Watch the story here: WYFF Video Story

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Passports Available at County Square

You can now acquire or renew your passport at County Square.

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No Glass Recycling

Greenville County is no longer accepting glass as a recyclable product.

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